Meet the Team

Our team consists of leaders and members that that look to make our community better by working to provide services to anyone in need. Many members of our team have lived and served throughout Macomb County for decades. They work collaboratively help expand services to meet behavioral, physical and mental health needs within the community. Each individual shares a vision to promote recovery, community participation, self-sufficiency and social equity.


The Board

Kathy Vosberg


Term Expires 3/31/2021

Phil Kraft


Term Expires 3/31/2021

Linda Busch


Term Expires 3/31/2022

Megan Burke

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2022

Nick Ciaramitaro

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2021

Ryan Fantuzzi

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2022

Dana Freer

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2022

Tony Plewa

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2021

Brian Negovan

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2021

Lori Phillips

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2021

Dr. Christopher O’Connell

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2021

Selena Schmidt

Board Member

Term Expires 3/31/2021

Executive Staff

Dave Pankotai


Email: dave.pankotai@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-6462

Adam Jenovai


Email: adam.jenovai@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-5765

Traci Smith

Chief of Staff

Email: traci.smith@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-6700

Dr. Carmen Serpa

Chief Medical Officer

Email: carmen.serpa@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-465-8323

Dr. Agnes Ward

Chief Clinical Officer

Email: agnes.ward@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-7039

Cynthia Konal

Chief Quality Officer

Email: cindy.konal@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-5663

William Adragna

Chief Information Officer

Email: william.adragna@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-466-4152

Crystal Bouissi

Director of Community and Behavioral Health Services

Email. crystal.bouissi@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-948-9818


Tracy Dunton

Director of Managed Care Operations

Email: tracy.dunton@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-948-6168

Helen Klingert

Director of Substance Use Disorder

Email: helen.klingert@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-5662

Cyndia Robinson

Director of Communications

Email: cyndia.robinson@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-465-8325

Cristina Mosella

Director of Network Operations

Email: cristina.mosella@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-7007

Mark Mishal

Director of Office of Recipient Rights

Email: mark.mishal@mccmh.net
Phone: 586-469-5875

Stacy Coleman

Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

Email: Stacy.Coleman@mccmh.net

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