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Coping with COVID-19

While depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide are things that many Americans struggle with today, being in the midst of a pandemic can heighten these feelings. Mental health expert, Dr. Agnes Ward says that she is noticing trends of increased suicide rates, and people reporting feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness since the pandemic has [...]

Where do I find good data?

Searching the web for the best data? Where do you start and how do you know the data is valid and free of bias? At MCOSA, we’ve compiled a list of reliable data sources for substance abuse disorder and census/demographics. Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System is composed of annual, state-level telephone surveys from Michigan residents [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With an ongoing pandemic, now of all times is especially important to check in on ourselves and our health. It is imperative that we not only understand what breast cancer is, but also raising awareness to help others understand the symptoms and preventative tactics.    The most common symptoms [...]

“Recreational” Marijuana: The Clarity you Need

Proposal 1, approved by Michigan voters on November 6, 2018, legalizes the possession and use of marijuana for recreational purposes for residents 21 years or older. Thisproposal legalizes the cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of industrial hemp. Although this was voted through at the ballot, municipalities are allowed to ban or limit marijuana establishments within [...]

Vaping: The latest on This Deadly Trend

The use of e-cigarettes has skyrocketed in youth. Experts are now classifying them as a public health epidemic. A Public Health Epidemic Youth rates of e-cigarette use has skyrocketed. Experts are now classifying them as a public health epidemic. This epidemic has occurred in-part because the e-cigarette marketplace remains largely unregulated. In fact, tobacco industry [...]

The Synar Amendment vs. Tobacco Products

What are we doing to stop the sale of tobacco products to youth and what exactly is the Synar Amendment? The Synar Amendment vs. Tobacco Products The Synar Amendment was put in place in 1992 to reduce underage access to tobacco and keep our children healthy. Compliance with the Synar Amendment is a condition of [...]

What You Should Do in a Crisis

Tips on what to do if you ever find yourself in a crisis.   What You Should Do in a Crisis When you live with a mental health condition, your brain and body often send you a message that makes you feel like you are in a crisis situation. But sometimes you may find yourself [...]