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Macomb County Community Mental Health is the public provider of mental health, substance use and developmental disability treatment services in Macomb County Michigan. We are MCCMH. Read more about our history and our team.



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Coping with COVID-19

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Ray has been struggling with mental illness since the age of 17. He’s now 29. He has received services from First Southwest and ACT, has participated in DBT, Family Psychoeducation and Crossroads Clubhouse. In 2015, Ray received devastating news that, because of his Medicaid spenddown, the services that he once benefitted from were no longer available to him.

He sought out the help of private psychiatrists and psychotherapists and, during that three-year course, Ray was hospitalized more than 10 times. He felt lost, dejected, and, in a strange way, it felt like the new normal until he received a call from Crossroads Clubhouse. Thanks to a grant the organization received, Ray was able to return to the clubhouse in June of 2018.

Since receiving the news, Ray has returned to the clubhouse and hasn’t been hospitalized even once. In his words, “I really enjoy being here and have met so many new friends. The thought of being hospitalized isn’t even a possibility.

Jack’s Grandmother

I want to thank all of you who have helped Jack get back on the road to success. Two years ago, there was this monster living in our home. He was supposed to be my grandson, but he didn’t act like my grandson. I was deathly afraid of him; One minute, he’d be hugging me, the next minute, he’d be threatening to kill me and the rest of the family.

It’s people like you that have gotten Jack the help that he needs. Since he’s graduated from your program, you wouldn’t believe that he’s the same kid. He now knows how to control his anger. The medication that he’s on is working properly. Like I said, it’s because of you that Jack is where he is today. I never would have thought it would be possible to have my grandson back but, thanks to you all, it was possible. He still has issues and it’s because he’s still a teenager. We’re working on them and realize that it’s possible to overcome them with help, support, and, most importantly, love. Miracles can happen. The people working at MCCMH are extremely wonderful. If anybody thought that there’s no hope for their child, they should take a look at Jack.